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I am no longer practicing craniosacral therapy.  If you need a practitioner please consult:

* Cheryl Both  234-400-9194 at Both Integrative Wellness

* Randall Gibson 330-701-8780 at Gibson Massotherapy

I am Patty Sparks, a licensed massage therapist specializing in craniosacral therapy. I hope from my website you can learn a little about me and more about craniosacral therapy.

If you have any questions please contact me at 330-206-4842.


From Chrissy and Bob, posted August 2014

Our newborn son suffered from tongue tie, torticollis, facial asymmetry, colic and reflux. We were referred for craniosacral therapy sessions by our lactation consultant for before and after the tongue tie release. I was not sure what to think of the therapy but was willing to try anything to help my son. Patty was so sweet and kind; you could tell she was very passionate about what she does and really cares for people. She did his first treatment and gave us techniques to use on him at home. By the time we came to see her for his second session a few days later he was a different baby!  Not near as much crying and calmer overall. Over the next couple of sessions his torticollis resolved and his face became mostly symmetrical!  We continued to see her after the tongue tie surgery and he continues to improve. He is a totally different baby thanks to Patty and this therapy!  We drive an hour each way to see her and I would not want to see anyone  else. I highly recommend her services!

From Ileen, posted March 2014

Working with Patty Sparks has been a true blessing! My son experienced a concussion in October of 2012 and was suffering from situational headaches. After many months of various treatments, we had given up. My son endured acupuncture, biofeedback sessions, and many types of medications that attempted to treat his situational headaches. Other doctors had given up and sadly stated, “He will simply need to work through these situations and suffer with the pain.” Fortunately, my son’s primary care physician was not satisfied with this diagnosis. He recommended we visit Patty Sparks and try her treatments. My son’s first treatment was in November of 2013, over one year after his accident. He immediately noticed improvement. After a few more treatments my son is now headache free! Thank you, Patty

From Diane, posted March 2014

When I made my first appointment with Patty, I completely misunderstood what Craniosacral Therapy (CST) was. As the session began, I thought, 'this is a waste of time; oh well, I won't come back.' But before the treatment ended, my sinus pain had lessened. I'm talking about serious sinus pain, which had nagged me through endless rounds of antibiotics, for more than a decade. Obviously, I decided to continue treatment. Something funny happened along the way. Another chronic problem, stomach pain that had defied diagnosis, also improved dramatically. Interestingly, I noticed improvement before I mentioned the pain to Patty. Although I don't fully understand the physiological workings of CST, I highly recommend Patty (and CST in general) to friends, especially those who are interested in living as well as they can with as little pharmaceutical intervention as possible.

From Jessica, posted October 2012

My fibromyalgia pain was unbearable. I had huge relief after my first visit with Patty.With regular visits my fibro pain is under control. Life was miserable before craniosacral therapy! Not anymore!

From Pam, posted October 2012

I suffered for many years with headaches, particularly during times of stress and barometric pressure changes. After just one CST session with Patty Sparks, my headache pain diminished; multiple treatments gave me additional and lasting relief. I would not have thought it possible to treat my headaches in such a low impact, gentle way.

From Barbara, posted October 2012

I tend towards chronic sciatica and upper back pain from bad posture as a result of old surgeries. Patty's treatments keep these problems from recurring and in addition give me energy. I feel very relaxed and able to focus on my work after a treatment.

From Joanne, posted October 2012

Patty Sparks is not only a professional, but a human being who has deep empathy for her patients. She is a fellow traveler along the road of human experience, and a great resource for those who wish to enjoy a healthy life.

From Mary, posted October 2012

Hi, I have been seeing Patty Sparks for a number of years. I started seeing her for some gastrointestinal problems. Since then, Patty has helped me with stress and shoulder problems. Patty just keeps me up and moving!

But, the real reason for this note is my grandson. Tommy is autistic. Over 60% of children with autism have sleep disturbances. Tommy's had become disruptive to his life and to mine! We tried melatonin and several other things, but nothing seemed to keep Tommy asleep.

Tommy has been to see Patty four times now. He no longer takes the melatonin to go to sleep and sleeps about ten hours a night. In addition to that change I have also seen Tommy asking for interactions and working hard at school.